The origin of smart phone goes without saying it started with the BlackBerry which had a long and distinct period of history with its excellent features and applications. BlackBerry device was developed and designed by the Canadian company Research In Motion. It was first introduced in 1999 in the mobile phone market as an email pager. The term smart phone was very much attached to Blackberry. At the time of its launch in the market it was as one of the high speed selling handset in the market for it used all the latest and high degree engineering techniques and applications as its features. The RIM organization concentrated more and followed sharp and convincing technologies in the market to sell these extraordinary smart phones. According to a research done in the year 2011 the BlackBerry device accounted for at least 3% of mobile device sales worldwide in 2011.Also RIM was ranked as the world's sixth most popular device manufacturer. BlackBerry which was considered to be as one among the best smart phones competition with iphone and Androids is now marked in the downfall graph. Even today in the United States BlackBerry is known as "Crack Berry" in pertaining to addiction to crack cocaine by the people in that country. So was the BlackBerry phone was also used among the users. This term "Crack Berry" became so common among the people where it got to the extent of being added in the dictionary of Webster's as a new word of the year 2006.But however now most of us would be very much aware that the headlines and the scrolls in most of the medias says that the manufacturer of the Blackberry, Research in Motion (RIM) is been is been giving way and falling down. BlackBerry is slowly facing a relentless and implacable death from the smart phone industry though once upon a time it was the beloved of the Wall Street executives. It is very much shocking for the rest of the mobile phone industries for in a life span of 5 to 6 years BlackBerry is going in the downward trend though it was the most favored smart phone. The different medias also are coming with statements which states that RIM manufacturer of the BlackBerry is laying off its executives and its value in the stock market has come down since 2003.This current situation of the Blackberry smart phone has made the other mobile phone manufacturers to view the situation differently and changing their perspective that the success is always not permanent. There are statements from varied sources which states that RIM, the maker of BlackBerry is met with a quarterly loss of $518 million and removal of at least 5,000 jobs from the company. Such statements confirm the fact that BlackBerry is slowly becoming dead. Though RIM is trying to recover and come back from the coffin with its release of BlackBerry 10 but not able to because of the strong competition from its counterparts. The BlackBerry 10 which was supposed to be launched much earlier is still not able to be released. The time is not really in favor of BlackBerry for there was a great drop when there was a failure of network globally for several days and also the lost trial over the BBX brand. Though RIM is trying to prove itself as the pioneer of the smart phone market it is been able to stand steady for once again there is a setback in the launching process of the redesigned Blackberries thus giving way for the competitors like Apple and Android devices. The sales of these phones have also come down comparatively for the past years where it has come down from 14.8 million to 11 and 12 million this year. It is said to fall even further from the current numbers in the years to come or in mere future. Lot of questions is put forth by the investors and the public so as to what are the reasons subjected for the downfall of the BlackBerry and the answers are said to be multiple errors. One of the foremost reasons stated by the Wall Street Journal is the disagreement or hostility between the two co-chief executives – Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.Initially they shared the same office and the communication was better but later when they got shifted to two different offices where each one was managed by different teams. The working of both of them differed where Mike Lazaridis was more into the launch of a next-generation BlackBerry with all latest and advanced operating systems and applications. And at the same period Jim Balsillie was concentrating more on licensing out some of the company's proprietary technologies. The Wall Street Journal highly considers this as one of the major error committed.Now that both of them are replaced by Thorsten Heins who is been vigorously incisive on cost factors.
RIM also failed in considering other factors which their competitors were doing was that on the attractive on the other features like effortless smooth browsing and the software platforms and applications for games, widgets, camera, video etc.They should have been little more serious with the Apple’s iPhone for they were very much dependent on the ingenuous classic BlackBerry phone.The center of interest or activity of the BlackBerry manufacturer was more on the security coding and its related features than on other new technological ideas and applications which is of more interest to the users. At the end of the day the users will be more beneficial with features like flexibility of their handsets rather than that of the security which does not count much from the commercial point of view. Now that most of the corporate companies have decided on the employees bringing in their own device that most of them opt for the latest iPhones or Android devices rather than the Blackberries. This has shown at least a 66 percent drop in the BlackBerry users.The analysts of the smart phone market gave reports to the RIM saying that the touch screen devices are gaining many likings in the mobile phone market. But this took a backseat and was very badly ignored by the company. Simultaneously the company’s sales division also presented a report after lot of research which stated that Smartphone keyboards are gaining popularity in the market. The Wall Street Journal report says that this was also not considered and ignored. Thereby RIm dug an ever widening hole by itself and also fell into it and now no improbable or extraordinary event is believed to happen which will reverse its decline. There are also disagreements about the above statements where during a radio media attack Mr. Thorsten Heins, the present Chief Executive of RIM very strongly declares that the company is not dead for it has a cash amount of US$2 billion and also there is nothing going wrong with the company and its functioning. There are companies which have started to give away other smart phones to their employees who used to be very much based on the BlackBerry handsets.Corren Collura the chief information officer of Suffolk Construction Co. in Boston have announced that after getting aware of the latest news about RIM being laid back they have decide to switch off at least 700 BlackBerry-equipped users of their company to other latest Apple and Android phones. The most notable point is that Suffolk Construction Co was a customer for RIM for more than a decade. Even RIM by itself is so surprised to know that how an omnipresent technology could fade off so quickly which has taken over the majority of the mobile market till recently. There were so many businesses and government organizations which was solely dependent on the BlackBerry mobile devices. A survey did two years back shows that the BlackBerry smart phones captured at least 42 percent of the mobile market. But now it is dropped down by at least 11 percent with the launch of iphones and androids. Because of the continuous distress faced by RIM it has lost its popularity with the other smart phones like iPhone and Android and also it sales has come down considerably. Mark McKechnie an analyst from Think Equity states that if at all RIM wants to have a strong roots in the mobile market they will have to open up their ideas other new platforms and applications and prove themselves as an initiative and resourcefulness software firm or concern. Another reason for the downfall of the BlackBerry is its network services which has considerably lost its ground in this domain. If it was not for this network service failure the business would have been successful in generating a continuous income. Now most of the companies have started to move on to the alternative service providers than waiting for BlackBerry to come with innovative techniques.RIM was quite cool and ignored the competition given by its rivals. They didn’t get themselves updated with latest software platforms unlike the user friendly iphone and Androids. As a measure of emergency savings Thorsten Heins, the current CEO of RIM has put forth options like selling off parts of the company.Lazaridis who was initially one of the CEO of the company apart from handling RIM he diverted himself to two other research institutions which was founded by himself, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Institute for Quantum Computing. This is not going to be the condition only for BlackBerry but also for other devices in the smart phone market. It is very evident any company should keep itself updated with the latest trend by innovative and speedy technologies.