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Facebook-likes Facebook-likes Facebook-likes
Earlier today, biggest and No. 1 social networking site in the world Facebook revamped its age-old like button and replaced it with a new icon. Yes, Facebook confirmed in a blogpost earlier today, that the iconic thumbs up has been permanently removed from its like button.
Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo
Later this week, Yahoo will unveil a new logo, replacing the wordmark (above) that has remained virtually unchanged since 1996, aside from a 2009 switch from red to purple. Leading up to this unveiling, Yahoo has been featuring a new logo every day in its 30 Days of Change campaign.
Starsports Starsports Starsports
Broadcasting under slightly different guises in India since 1993 and managed by Star Sports (itself managed by Star TV), Star Sports India is now launching as a unified network of sports channels that will see popular channels like Star Cricket and ESPN India transform into a single Star Sports brand. (A little confusing, I know).
F-Secure F-Secure F-Secure
Three years after its founding as Data Fellows in 1988, this Finnish company based in Helsinki launched its first antivirus product in 1991. Refining their products all through the decade, it changed its name to the more intimidating name of F-Secure and has become an important player in the development of computer.
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