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Audi Audi Audi
As part of its weeklong centennial celebration that included news about the upcoming release of the S5 Quattro which might mean something to autophiles, but not much to me Audi unveiled an updated logo that gave a new shine to the four interlocked rings, from a matte finish to a more chromalicious one.
Videocon Videocon Videocon
Offering televisions (conventional, flat and LCD), washing machines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, audio products, home theatre systems and microwave ovens, produced through eighteen manufacturing facilities globally, India-based Videocon is one of the largest consumer products.
Vistaprint Vistaprint Vistaprint
For most identity designers, companies like LogoWorks, LogoBee or whatever other cute name they acquire, are not to be taken seriously and are only seen as damaging to the industry by lowering (rather ridiculously) prices and quality.
Walmart Walmart Walmart
In what has to be the most under whelming unveiling yet and a bad case of stolen thunder for one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart (unhyphenated as a single word from now on) just uploaded a formal, band-aid of a press release to their web site confirming the logo change that surfaced over the weekend.
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