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Cnet Cnet Cnet
One of the bastions of Web 1.0, 13-year-old CNET is getting a significant makeover. While the workings under the hood of the new web site like a new API that is helping to deliver pages 40 to 50 percent faster means nothing to me, we can certainly focus on the front-end changes, specifically the logo.
Sterling Sterling Sterling
Sterling Airlines, a European low-fare carrier based in Copenhagen, Denmark was formed in 2005 with the merger of Sterling European Airlines A/S (SEA) and Maersk Air A/S and it recently updated its identity Im not sure if the old identity was only three years old or if it was carried over from SEA.
If the image above is confusing, its simply reflective of a confusing situation, for which I have no explanation and, oddly enough, I dont mean that sarcastically, I literally dont know whats going on as there is no information online and the one lead I had did not reply to my queries.
Readers Digest Readers Digest Readers Digest
I dont recall ever opening a copy of Readers Digest.Clearly, Im one of the few in the world that does not read this magazine that enjoys distribution in 60 countries, in 50 editions and 21 languages, reaching 40 million people worldwide.
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