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It has been brought up to everyones attention, through the comments, that I used the wrong logo as the After image, rendering the rest of the post somewhat moot. I explain how I ended up with the After image in the comments.
Despite 29 million monthly visits (with one out of every five people on the Internet using it), 57,000-plus topics and more than 1.2 million pieces of original content I have never had a friend, designer.
Jockey Jockey Jockey
Jockey, the folks that invented mens briefs in the 1930s have undergone a rebranding. What has traditionally been seen as a mens underwear company (they didnt start selling womens undergarments until 1982) is now going gender-neutral.
ditech the infamous mortgage loan company, ditched the awful swoosh-mouse-cursor-Optima logo and upgraded to a clean sans-serif look. Along with the new logo, designed by L.A.based Ground Zero, comes a new campaign slogan, People are smart. The irony is I cant quite figure out what the new logo represents.
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