Android is one of the latest and leading mobile operating system which is been particularly designed and developed mainly for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. This Linux based mobile operating system can also be compared to a human which is fully automated and its application are mainly developed in the Java language using the Android Software Development Kit along with the various other developmental tools. The Java programming language which is very essential for developing applications is now been used on the Android platforms for the tools required for its upcoming is provided by the Android SDK.So the Android software development involves the process of developing new applications for the Android operating system. With all the latest development Android is now available with nearly 700,000 apps and a primary app store, of about 25 billion. Android the world's most liked mobile platform which is getting smarter and making you smarter provides you with 600,000 apps and games on Google Play along with thousands of songs and movies. Though BlackBerry devices are very much used by most of the business people because of various factors like high-volume mobile platforms and winsome, it is also getting started to be compared with the iphone which is proved itself for its cool and sleek factor. The Blackberry devices are now finding hard to compete with the iphones.So now this gap is bridged or the mobile phone industry is more dominated by the Androids which is proving itself smart both in work and play. Linux V2.6 kernel plays a major role in the development of the Android operating sysytem.Initially Android concentrated more on the smart phone categories and other mobile area like lower-cost flip-phone devices. But however research tells us that with Androids wide range of wavelengths in the computing field and its various application tasks will for sure make it grow even beyond the mobile phone industry in various other platforms. Android has a very strong platform and it is cost efficient where the operating system designed by the Google has awesome applications in the mobile phone arena thus enabling a new world of Mobile Technology to its customers. Android is the ultimate result of a group of organizations, the Open Handset Alliance which is trying to work on the betterment of this operating system platform to deliver to the user in its best and highly technified model. Google heads this Open Handset Alliance which involves not only software solution and platform providers but also mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, marketing companies and component manufacturers. To further improve the platform of the Android, Google came out with lot of support to the developers by giving them challenges where millions of dollars were announce for the best of the research submission. The users of this smart phone were soon able to browse and download applications directly to their phones after the introduction of the first version of the Android phones. With all its collaborators Android is trying to extend its limits into all the fields including software, hardware brings its best abilities to its users. The capability of the Android platforms are growing with extreme power with all the latest mobile technologies and ascertaining applications. Though it was initially designed to serve the mobiles and tablets with its all development has seen additional applications on televisions, games panel with thousands of games .Android takes up at least 75% of the worldwide market for smartphone.It is surprising to know that during the third quarter of 2012, there where at least 500 million devices activated in total and 1.3 million activations per day with more than 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners. The Android developer tools provides the developer a Java IDE which carries all the latest characteristics for developing, debugging, and packaging Android apps.This helps the developer to do their task efficiently. With this Java program one can work on any Android device that can be compatible with any hardware configuration.Android platform Android, the high potential platform works on Linux kernel with lot of associated functions is customized to specifications in widgets and apps more than 2.65 lakhs.Widgets are mainly introduced to show up the contact boxes, edit boxes, lists, and drop-down column.
They have an open source embeddable browser engine which is on a webkit which is very much similar to those in the iphones.WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless data which are all part of the Android platform gives the device a good connectivity options like the GPRS and 3G.All the devices are equipped with a camera. One of the most wanted features in an Android device is the application for the Google Maps which helps you in locating an address. Most of the Android platform is supported by the GPS and accelerometers for exact spotting of the location. The only drawback where most of the other operating system were finding hard to compete with its counterparts was the multimedia and the graphics. But this challenge was broken by the Android. The Android is stacked with platforms for 2-D and 3-D graphics and also they had large data storage capacity with the open source SQLite database. The architecture of the Android is designed in the Java programming language and works on a Linux kernel which runs within a virtual machine following an open source technology. Thus the Android applications works within the Dalvik Virtual Machine which is further accommodated inside a Linux-kernel managed process. Each activity is implemented along with its corresponding application so that when the particular application is selected from the menu it lets the activity to get start. A network monitor is an essential feature of service for all applications for the long run. A database server is not required when the application is easy but however in cases of expanded applications which takes care of multiple activities the database server like the SQLite database is very much needed to have a check on the dates’ Broadcast receiver is an Android application where its function is to respond to an action or to let the data signed in with the receipt of a text message.AndroidManifest.xml is a file which along with the Android application should be installed into the device.The configuration steps for the proper installation is carried by the AndroidManifest.xml. Whereas in most of the other operating system this tag for the permission is kept enabled in which case the security of the device open for a toss. The development of the Android applications is mainly done with the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE which has to be downloaded. The applications can be put into effect only in the Dalvik Virtual machine in spite of being written and coded in the Java programming language. Functioning of the application by this way is not laborious for there are assistance for context-sensitive and code suggestions. The application is packed along with the AndroidManifest.xml file. The application has the Android SDK as a zipped file which has a directory built in the hard drive and they are mainly the android.jar, documention.html and doc’s directory, directory for samples, directory for tools and the USB driver. When it comes to the Android platform tools the present most versatile tool is the Android Debug Bridge, which is the most commonly used tool. Whenever a new software development kit is installed, the platform tools get updated where they are very much compatible to the past ones. The Android Debug Bridge is mainly used to control the Android-powered device and for the installation of a software application on a device. Android Debug Bridge is mainly used to support optional command like copying files to and from the device. The shell command attached to this device helps in getting connected to the phone which involves the basic principles. This shell command helps us in showing the network connections, contents of the path, and helps in the listing of the directory and to check the availability of the Google search engine. The main SDK tools are Android SDK Manager (android sdk), the AVD Manager (android avd) the emulator (emulator), and the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (ddms).All these Android application developing tools are updated in a regular time interval and they mostly come along with the SDK starter package which is used for installation. Apart from the above mentioned tools there are various other tools which are commonly used. Let us have a small glance about it.