The American based multinational software company, Microsoft which was very successful with a wide range of computer applications and products and services related to computing is now facing a downfall in the software platforms. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975 was one of the world’s biggest software company with the highest revenue. But however now it is in its dawn. The downfall of this great American Software Corporate is said to be an enigmatic puzzle behind the gone decennary.There are statements which states that absurd and ridiculous management decisions and unsuspected danger have led to the downfall of the company. There are records of mails between executives in the highest hireachy, interviews, conversation etc during the period of chief executive, Steve Ballmer which were never heard or known before, all of which proving reasons for its fall. From different employee interviews and hidden records which are really not very convincing and paves way for its failure. From the interview conducted by the writer, Kurt Eichenwald that the employees were not happy with the system of "stack ranking “and this is literally said to wreck and destroy the new inventions in Microsoft. This is a tool designed by Microsoft to identify and rank the employees as high and low performers which are a very difficult decision made by the managers in the process of assorting the employees. This method of stack ranking sent out a huge number of employees from the company. And also by this method the competition was getting tough only between the employees and between the companies. The Microsoft was also dealing with a mobile operating system but they failed to take the chance of gaining advantage from it because the company was very specific on the phone to be window centric. They were much dependent on the Windows operating system. A Microsoft employee Steve Stone, founder of eMerging Technology Group stated that few people in the particular domain wanted everything including the mobile computing to work only with Windows which ultimately led to a failure in the attempt. There is citation made by the writer Eichenwald that there were acrimonious dispute between rival groups on this theory related to the mobile. Also another senior marketing manager who worked with Microsoft for more than 16 years states that the company dissipated the initiative in an action they owned very much ahead of the rest of the companies but still they managed to turn it off because of the red tape officialism.So with the picture given above we can’t overlook other factors which was done tremendous turn out over the past decade like the Xbox, SharePoint, or in servers and business software. Though the company is trying to catch up in the mobile platform with its Windows Phone, a solid smart phone operating system but still it is not able to compete with companies like Apple and Android which are very much ahead in the smart phone category. The income generated by the iphone, the product of Apple is much more than that of the Microsoft software’s. The technology group of Microsoft came up with a preliminary model of e-reader in 1998 but Bill Gates was not convinced with it for the product didn’t resemble the Windows which had a programmer attached with the project recalls. There was one particular unit the technology unit which was asked to stop its research and its focus on developing technology and latest applications for the consumers but instead to concentrate more on software for Office and to report for showing profits. These statements were reported by Steve Stone, founder of the technology group. On any new finding by the technology group was put forth with a question of how is this going to be useful in making money. A Microsoft official in the company's Office department very clearly states that the determined attempt put in e-reader was a failure not only because of the requirement of immediate money. The underlying fact was also the touch screen where the company's bureaucrat was more obsessed with inputting details with a keyboard and not with a stylus or a finger. This had lot of preconceived opinion for the company was more devoted to Windows and office which made them not to think anything beyond that including the emerging technologies. Even much before the launch of Face book a developer from the MSN messenger tracked that the youngsters where updating with their current status on AOL’s AIM. This made the developer realize on what aspect was Microsoft lacking. Chatting was not the only concept behind AOL's AIM but its main intend was to give the user an option to log in and check the status of their friends at any part of the day.When this aspect of introduction of short message feature in the Messenger was put forth to higher authorities, it was not granted for the officials did not realize the trend behind it.
A former Microsoft Manager Bill Hill points out that "there was a time when Microsoft used to laugh at IBM but now it is the Microsoft which is disliked intensely. Starting from the late 80's Microsoft has molded a reflection for at least more than 20 years after the reign of IBM.Another foremost reason for their disappearance is Google which overtook them by 2005.Gmail the most prominent feature of Google played a major role in placing the Microsoft on the brim and proved they can do much more than search. Ajax was also a cause for the death of the Microsoft. With the arrival of Ajax, the XMLHttpRequest object, there were no more desktops. Ajax allows communication between the browser and server directly. Though the Ajax, the XMLHttpRequest object was initially created by Microsoft for their Outlook software, they failed to see that it would also be useful for those who want to web apps work. The browser had JavaScript as its programming language which was later developed to JavaScript libraries. Microsoft once again failed in this by just seeing only the peril and risk involved in the JavaScript. Broadband internet is also considered as a reason for the downfall of the Microsoft. With all exorbitant launch of Apple with all the latest and fast technology which further pushed Microsoft down. The management of Microsoft was careless, unsystematic and sluggish. During the period of Steve Ballmer who was only an executive officer and not a top-level manager the Microsoft's stock was just over $28 which soon declined to $18.92.Steve Ballmer focused more on buying Yahoo and picking up some licit fights. He failed to concentrate on the well being of the company where he could have worked on installation of more Windows software. Though Microsoft is said to have a major share of the net book market which is only by clipping its earnings. Also Windows 7 Starter Edition is a malware which is sure to estrange its customers. All the PC's from Mac is supposed to be highly appealing to sophistication and discerning customers and obviously people will opt for a "cool" laptop and will go in for a Apple's Mac. Microsoft’s decline is not something which has happened out of the blue it is showing its age for companies to get older and also die. Microsoft is subjected to a huge quarterly loss. The Pc market is also brought down by the ipads because there are figures which show that towards the end of 2012 the sales of personal computers declined by atleast 8 percent all over the world. Whereas Apple was able to capture the market and sold nearly 14 million iPads towards the last quarter of 2012.With all the latest applications and the software platforms users are gradually switching over from Windows PCs and laptops to tablets which improve their work efficiency and speed. Though Windows 8 is a desktop operating system it is not able to overtake the sleek pad with a light operating system but still fully equipped with all the latest applications and software programs. The developers from Microsoft are slowly leaving the company because of the stack ranking system. The original Windows had nearly 20,000 apps whereas the latest version Windows 8 is lacking in many features including the improved applications.Nokia and RIM has a deal signed with Windows but still the later is not able to have a pull itself in the market as windows phone. People keep updating themselves with newly launched gadgets with all the latest technologies. With the release of other operating systems Microsoft is said to lose its other business applications. Revenue is lost from the pocket of Microsoft because of its open source operating systems and open source software. The trend is like one Apple product is doing an extraordinary sale than that of everything what Microsoft has to offer. This includes products of Microsoft that has been launched since 1975 along with Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing, Windows Phone etc.Around the first quarter of the year 2012 iPhone made a sales of $22.7 billion and Microsoft was about $17.4 billion. Amidst argument about petty and trivial matters and power plays the business was ruined. The improvement in the technology involving e-book and smart phone where destroyed and thereby the company lost its eventual market breaking business. But still there are chances of Microsoft to plan out an action and prove its products like Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Server 2012, and Xbox 720.