Nokia was one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers known for launching some of the best phones in the history of smart phones. It was Nokia which first introduced smart phones into the market. Until some three to four years back, Nokia was considered to be as one of the best mobile phone manufacturer. But there was a sudden downfall of the company on the brim of insolvency. Thus the decline of the Nokia Company would have come as a shock to almost to its every user, who was ardent admirers of Nokia than as its clients. Just a decade ago Nokia was the pioneer in the latest technology of the mobile phone sectors. The Nokia Company was also doing an excellent job in the share market which was around $56 and most of them owned these shares did a very good business. But however with the downfall of the company the shares had a steep fall from about $56 in 2000 to $7 in the recent years.Nokia was ruling the mobile phone industry for at least more than 14 to 15 years. This great downfall of Nokia in the Apps market was more during 2007 because that was the time when Apple came up with its iphone and launched into the market. The release of the iphone, the first phone of its kind with the touch screen antiquated Nokia in the mobile phone market.Nokia was abortive in competing with its counterpart like Samsung, Android and iphones by Apple.Nokia was not foreseeing the changes and updating happening in the manufacturer of new platforms for latest applications. According to a research analysis during the early months of 2012 Nokia was able to sell only 83 million devices whereas Samsung sold nearly 92 million mobile devices.Nokia didnt make an attempt to do any technological innovations which made them left so far behind in this industry. People did not want to buy more of Nokia devices because for the very reason that the Windows phone which was launched in 2011 was not equipped with even fundamental techniques. Another reason for the downfall of Nokia was the indigent way in which the Nokia Lumia series was done and no annual modifications were done to these mobile phone platforms. When the trend of mobile phones were heading towards 4G Nokia was not even updated with a front camera and many other features including 3G.The adoption of Symbian in the place of Window was not really appreciated by the users for even then iOS and Android operating system was dominating the software platforms.Symbian handsets faced difficulties in maintain as a leader amidst lot of competition. Stephen Elop the company's chief executive is also held highly responsible for the downfall of the Nokia Company. As the market for smart phone fulminated the consumers went in for more pocket-sized mini-computers with latest and speedy technologies instead of the Nokia handsets with tiresome WAP browsers. Wayne Lam a senior analyst from IHS states that once Apple came up with the iphone Nokia should have been smart enough to act and kept themselves updated but instead they more dependent on the Windows Phone until 2011.In this case Samsung responded much faster than Nokia and kept in pace with the other smart phones. Nokia being already running in minus in cash position, they further made blunders by spending more and more for QT for the windows phones. This was a very bad decision made by Nokia where they lost lot of money. When Nokia Windows Phones, Lumia was launched in the market they really didnt do well in sales even after spending lot of finance on advertising through various Medias. They even went to the extent of painting airplanes. The sales of Nokia Lumia Windows were overtaken by N9 model. The transit of Symbian to Windows phone was to the bad luck of Nokia for it was not really successful. The developers who were working for Symbian shifted to other happening working platforms like Android, Apple etc than working for Windows phones. The Android had an open platform for the third party developers. Two other applications developed by Nokia namely MeeGo and Meltemi were also one of the reasons behind the downfall of the company. As S40 was gradually disappearing from the market Nokia got onto the development of Meltemi whose focus was to cater the low end market and replace S40.But unfortunately it was dropped at the time of completion for reasons are likely to be that the team which worked on the development of Meltemi did not deliver it in time and also the cost involved in its operation. Though no formal declaration was made by the company but still some of the developers of Meltemi stated that the project was dropped just before its completion.
Thus all the money spent on this development was of waste and this led to no money for the working of MeeGo.Windows phone 8 is another major cause for the downfall of Nokia.Microsoft was very clear to Nokia because of the elaborate style of building and change in the nuclear part of Windows8 it will not be possible for Windows Phone 7/7.5 in getting the latest update. Windows Phone 8 was on the whole reconstructed from scrabble which included real Windows Core and Windows NT.The launch of Windows Phone 8 was not really exciting or the customers because of the failure of Nokia Lumias.Today the most wanted feature in any handset is the number of application the store has and if it has a platform for all the latest updates coming up in future. So it always a question of why did Nokia opt for Windows Phone 8 when they were very much aware that the latest update is not available for Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia made extravagant, intensive publicity and promotion for its devices but however failed to keep up its hype by not improving in its updates which is a very clear picture of Nokia stepping to its fall.Nokia was once the only firm in the universe which had a huge turnover which even crossed the taxable revenue of the country but unfortunately it went into a significant low level of income.Nokia's internet service by Ovi was nowhere comparable to that of Androids and Samsung for always resulted in crashing the system. Also Apple was not very compatible with the Nokia handsets. Due to the enhanced and latest features and practicality of iphones and Androids made the shifting of corporate employees from Nokia to the improved gadgets. If at all Nokia is planning to sustain its earlier position in the mobile market then it has to work a long way. The company has to be more swift and prompt in order to keep in pace with the Apple and Android which will really need a lot of effort put in.Nokia also designed an incorrect strategy in various features like colour ability to screen sizes. The Research and Development team should do more research on their improvement of hardware.Nokia is overtaken by Apple, Android and Samsung in the market for smart phones. The volume of sales for Apple is about some 20.3 million units with a market share of about 18.5% whereas for Nokia it is only about 16.7 million units and a market share of 15.2% which has considerably come down from 38.1%.Apart from taking a long time to react to the latest applications launched by Apple and Android, Nokia also failed to analyze the problem in a wide range. Though they were able to acknowledge that the touch screens were in trend but still not able to take the fact it has done wonders.Nokia was the last to come up with a touch screen because Symbian was designed more for keypad inputs with capacitive screens and not for a tactile button feeling with a resistive touchscreens.The quickness and the fluidity which was there in Apple and Android is lacking in Nokia.Though Nokia had all the ground for success but still it didnt really fair well. However with Symbian C++ as the platform it was very difficult for development of applications. The process of development was very difficult, time taking which would have been better for a smaller audience. They had lot of problems in the user Interface and experience. Being a very large organization the company was provoked by lot of internal problems and politics. This in turn led to absence of responsibility and wrong decision making. All these problems put together along with exorbitant refuge by outsourcing pushed the company to a situation where most of the time they were with the R&D assigning strategies so as to fix the problem rather than watching the growth of the mobile market in the field of technology.Nokia failed to realize that they had competition not only from the upper end of the market but also from the lower end. China being one of the biggest markets for low end handsets, microvendors and manufacturers like HTC, Huawei and ZTE made their maximum money thus pushing Nokia down. Though the name Nokia sounds traditional they didnt have the confidence of style in them. None of us will forget the snake game in the classic Nokia brick phone which can only become a memory. In a developing technology people would always like to opt only for a new and glossy lustrous handset rather than associating themselves with a name of a different era of technology.