Popular e-brand Name in 2012
Swiftkey is rated to be as one of the leading application of the Android's Google play. The main feature of this is that it supersedes the keyboard of the screen. This substitute of the keyboard helps in typing quicker and effortless. This application is granted with one of the best engines which help you in forecasting the next word by the swiftkey flow application method without taking out your finger. Nearly 54 languages are supported by the swiftkey which can toss between three languages at a time.
Poweramp is one of most powerful application for music in the Google application store of the smart phones operating system.Poweramp has many unique features like uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks, odd equalization,crossfade which during the digital audio production makes a smooth transition between two audio files. Most of the latest music file format is supported. The widgets in the poweramp are configurable and there are about 4 widgets.
Office Suite Pro 7
This is an application of the Google play having all the latest, necessary and appropriate features for the officesuite.This is a way of bringing your office home making your job effortless and efficacious from the software in your device. The various tools of this software includes spreadsheets,powerpoint,report and delivery presentations, word processor etc.This application of the Google play helps you in creating, viewing and editing word and excel files.
Mobile Doc Scanner
This is a business tool application from the Google which helps in scanning of any type of documents including class notes to even small receipts through your mobile and then export it. It helps in the transformation of any file into a PDF format. Multiple pages can be scanned in a fraction of seconds. This has an additional feature of advanced image processing where it can mechanically do correction with the borders and does some color balance for a clear document.
Work calendar
Work calendar is an application which in setting or listing up your programs in a very legible and appropriate way. This can be set both in weekly and monthly basis. Since this entry has to be keep changing continuously so the application is programmed in such a way where the users can click entry, retrieval and update the schedule. There are also templates and number of counters which simplifies even a complex schedule to an easier one. Work calendar of the Google play supports nearly five languages like German, English, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese.
Temple Run
Temple Run is one of the latest application released on January 2013 by Raleigh-based Imangi Studios and has already given a hit of nearly 170 million downloads. This application has given a different definition in the mobile games history. This application helps you in building up your reflexes when you keep running across the antique temple and the cliffs. It requires timely action of swiping and if accordingly one can collect coins and purchase power backups. It is featured with excellent graphics and magnificent settings.
Titanium Backup Pro Key
The Titanium Backup Pro Key is supposed to be a potent backup tool for most of the smartphones.This application enables you to support, renovate and holding back appications, datas and market links. This backup set up is designed in such a way where it gets to work without terminating any opened documents.Appications are also moved in and out of the storage device card. Browsing and interrogation of various markets can also be done with the Titanium Backup application.
Angry Birds
The first angry bird game was released by Apple in 2009 developed by Finnish computer game developer and now nearly 12 million copies of this video game is been sold. This application is not priced very high and also it is designed in a comical way. Its success led to the further development of different versions which can be used for personal computers and for the gaming ones. It is one of the applications which are of major success in the field of mobile software’s and a big hit of the year 2010.
This is an instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application for smartphones.Once viber is installed in your phone then it gets quite simple where you can make free calls and text messages to other viber users in any part of the country and on any device. It also allows group messages to nearly 15 friends. There is no need of registration or invitation for this application. The quality of the sound in Viber is much better than the regular call.
This application designed for the weather forecast was launched in 2008 for nearly two million cities. The main feature of the WeatherPro application is its GPS which with the help of the determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by calculating the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver and thereby forecasting the weather. The application is also assisted with a radiolaocator.The images for this application are animated in an excellent way.
The other available possibility for a criterion voice call is the Skype application. The interaction between two people having Skype accounts is very easily understood thus allowing the users to make free calls. Microsoft operates the networking of Skype which was released in the year 2003.The application is designed to have a microphone for voice calls and a webcam for a video call or videoconferencing. This also supports features like file transferring.
This is an application which can be used even for film making. The visual presentation is extremely impressive or attractive and also the soundtracks are very extensive and wide in range. So this is an application which is a must in all ambitious moviemaker. Any video shot gets into the Imovie which can be further edited the way you want. The application is designed for a multitouch feature. All it requires to get a magic movie is to just tap, swipe, and drag.
An ordinary photo can also be also being looked magnificent with the help of the photo application. A concise description of pictures appears in a grid either in the portrait or landscape format. Comparison of multiple pictures can be done in the same screen in a single swipe. You no need to be a professional for editing photos when you have iphoto for it just requires a simple touch and then just edit the way you want. photo can independently design a photo journal from a group of photos.
Garage Band
Garage band is an application specially designed with eloquent instruments which sounds very much similar to that of their corresponding real instrument. It is made with an intense eight-track recording studio which is very much compatible for audio recordings. So with Garageband all you need to do is to tune fresh tracks and then send it across to your friends directly from the Garage Band.
NAVIGON Mobile Navigator
This application gives you the direction to drive on the road with the help of on board maps. Though this application and download is quite big but still it is of great use for it works even in areas where there is no coverage. The other main features of the Navigon application is that there are options for current traffic reports, the way to park the vehicle and gives enhanced view of the surroundings. The updated versions of this application also help in locating your friend’s location.
Face book
Face book is one of the most popular social networking service launched in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.There are more than one billion active users of this application. This allows the users to create their profiles with contact and other personal informations.This networking service is also enhanced with other features like sharing of messages and pictures on the wall and can even chat. The users are also let to create fan pages for like ideas. There are options for privacy settings.
Pandora is one among the most liked application for the iphones which is now dong an enormous business. Based on the style of the users music selection where the service plays the required one. This service is only available in United States, Australia and New Zealand. Pandora application has an option where the users can grade or give feedback for the chosen song which is considered in future. Purchase of the songs or the albums from the retailers in online is possible in Pandora.
In this application cards, by the Apple allows you to design your own personalized card with text and photos shot from your iphone or pod. Just with few editing here and there a dainty stylish card with lasting impressions is ready to travel to any part of the world. However this application involves postage charges. This software has nearly 21 beautifully crafted letterpress designs which can be further done by our creative work. But however the postage s charged which is about $2.99 when sent within the U.S. and $4.99 for any other part of the world.
Find my iphone
This application helps in finding out your lost device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, with the help of ios, a mobile operating system and also to save or erase your personal datas.All you need to do is to sign in through another ios device with your own ID which will then allow you to locate your device. But one thing which be considered in case of Find my iphone is that it has to be made possible only in an icloud setting on your device. The lost mode in this application helps you to lock your missing device giving you a 4 digit passcode.
The Remote application is quite interesting and very easy to use. It operates in such a way where you can use your Apple gadgets as a remote control to command the music in the iTunes library and your Apple TV just by a flick. This application can also be made used to browse your iTune library and check with the latest and forthcoming songs.