Ebrand name - as the name suggests is the result after the evolution of ecom / internet since 1995. Traditionally there were brand names but the sucessive developments in the internet made available few new breeds of Brand names.
1. Domain names 2. Program / software names 3. Apps. names
and this is not the end of the list new emerging technology will pay way for new set of ebrand names in the future.
Why ebrand names ? Though the established brands wanted to have a different identity on the world wide web, when it comes to naming their business. Also this can be called as a sub-brand in certain cases.
Power of Ebrand names:
The dot com companies are getting sold out to conventional business houses.Many apps are being bought by large corporates by paying a huge value most of the ebrand names are not having any tangible assets, the reason for its popularity is its new and bright ideas, technology innovation, mass acceptance.
The case of mass acceptance can been seen from the ebrand names like facebook, twitter, whatsapp and so on...
The premitive definition of a brand is the name, term, symbol, logo or any other feature that distincts from one product from others. And the new ebrand name has much to do with the functionality rather the name, symbol, etc